> > > The VR frame is easy to modify with our accessories.

Each component is available separately.
Here you will find clear glass panes and rear walls made of stained glass, clamps, spacers and wire ropes.

For each frame, two different carriers are available, correspondingly for a cross-format or high-format alignment of the VR frame. Want to change from horizontal to vertical? Replace only the carrier elements.

It is just as easy to change the depth of the frames and to turn the VR-Frame into a free hanging showcase with more depth. We are currently developing separately available spacers that allow a frame depth of 50, 150 and 250mm  (2,0 / 5,9 / 9,8’’).
Also in development are spacer elements, which make a direct wall mounting of the VR frame possible.
For the showcases, shelf-floors made of single-pane safety glass will be available separately.
If you are in the need for a more individuel solution, the spacers and shelves can be ordered at an individual depth through our service.

hanging wires for the VR-Frame-presentation-system

Our wire ropes come from ship-buildung. They are non-corrosive and have a high load capacity. The normal suspension is the assembly of the wires of hanging points on the ceiling.

We do not offer any mounting material for the ceiling. You will find the requirements for ceiling mounting in the VR-Frame installation manual and the respective product data sheet.


Interchangeable glass back walls for the VR-Frame-presentation-system

The original design of the VR frame is a free-hanging, slim glass display case, which can be viewed from all sides.

We offer glass panes in single-pane safety glass for our FR-frame showcases. Dyed glass panes allow you to adapt your frames to new rooms or to a changed interior at a later date.

In this category you will also find glass shelves in 50, 150 or 250mm depth (2.0 / 5.9 / 9.8 '') which are simply placed over the bottom spacers of the frame. The shelves are currently under development.


girder elements for the VR-Frame-presentation-system

Each VR-Frame-kit comes with either a horizontal or a vertical version of girders. The girders are available separately. You would like to switch from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal? Change only the girders, they are available separately.

The girders offered by us are made of steel.
In addition to the steel-girders we are preparing aluminum-girders, which we will also offer in RAL color shades. We will keep you informed as soon as these are available.


Spacer and Shelves for the VR-FRame Presentation-System

We offer an easy way to turn your VR frame into a free hanging glass–cabinet. Only replace the spacers (standard a set of spacers for 50mm depth (2.0 '')), against a spacer-set that allows a depth of 150 or 250mm (5.9'' or 9.8 '').

Also in development are spacer elements, which make a direct wall mounting of the VR frame possible. The different spacer sets can be combined with the wall mounting sets.

For the showcases, glass shelves are available separately at different depths.