VR-Frame customized

Within the dimensions of our largest standard size for the VR-frame we can build almost every rectangular design: from a slim vertical format to the a square format to very slim transverse format.
For this purpose, your desired frame should comply with the outer dimensions of 1,200 x 1,600mm (or 1,9 sqm / 47,24 x 63,0 inch = 20.4 sqft), not exceeding a weight of 70 kg (154.3 Ib)
Within these dimensions your custom-build VR-Frame is suitable for our standard hanging wires. The frames can be hung free from the ceiling and allow a back-to-back presentation of pictures or of flat objects such as Clothing.
For an adaptation to your interior design, your customized VR-frame can also be supplied with tinted glass backs.

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VR-Frame customized according to your needs

Product no.: VRC-2017.1

Delivery period: 30 working days
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery