VR-Frame medium

Our mid-size VR-Frame:

  • 900 x 1.200 x 50mm (35,4 x 47,24 x 1,96 inch)
  • 6mm (0,23622 inch) single-pane security-glass

Steel wires allow a safe hanging from nearly any ceiling. The VR-Frame-design allows the back to back presentation of prints of identical size or the presentation of flat objects such as clothing. Interchangeable colour back walls make an adaption to nearly any interior design possible.

Recommended size for prints: 700 x 1.000mm ( 27,5 x 40 inch)

Standardization allowes us to sell the VR-Frame as a construction-kit. Self-assembly is easily done in 10 minutes with two 5mm (Ikea-Standard) hexagon keys. We recommend a additional helper for assembling the frame for the first time.


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